About our paint

Our paint and products are designed exclusively for everyone and guarantees achievable results. It paints like a dream and can be:

● distressed

● watered down

● thickened up

Whatever look you are after – you can have it! We have carefully chosen a range of colours that complement each other, can be used as a palette and comes in sizes we think you and your customers want at competitive affordable prices. We have used our retail knowledge of what colours sell and what sizes, to pinpoint and develop this very special range of colours.

We currently have 20 colours in our paint range that come in three different sizes 500ml, 250ml & the 100ml exclusive art pots, that are perfect for artists and creative crafts people. Each colour has a fairy name and character that have been designed exclusively by two of my beautiful children. Their colours and characters are to help inspire you and your customers to make an emotional attachment to colours and help visualise the statement they want to make in a room.

The colours that we have chosen work well together as various pallets of colours, with the intention that as well as working as stand alone colours, they will also suit the more advanced painter who wants to explore layering, scraping, blending, glazing techniques too.

* Fairy Chic Paint has no added VOC’s

* Fairy Chic Paint has no odour

* Fairy Chic Paint is water based

* Fairy Chic Wax is 100% Natural

* Fairy Chic paint is safe to use around children and animals

* Fairy Chic is vegan – no testing on any animals

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