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Our private members only Club is a great arts and crafts and chalk painting, community for creative business owners who want to retail high quality, affordable chalk paint and products, (we offer up to 40% discount to our retailers) and also a fantastic place for hobby furniture painters, artists and creative crafters too.

So whether you would like to be a stockist/retailer of the amazing Fairy Chic Chalk paint and products, or you want to learn new painting and craft techniques, come together with like minded creative people, share, inspire, learn and make new friends, (and buy your paint and products with brilliant discounts) we have it all.

Blue Bell Woods 

Perfect if you are hobby crafter & furniture painter looking for new friends

Fairy Land

Perfect if you are wanting more hands on art tuition and would also like a little more discount on paint and courses  

Magical Palace

Perfect if you run a small business and/or want to access 40% discounts  as well as access to all art classes and tutorials

Special Offer


Perfect way to save more and enjoy more

Who are we and how does the club work for you?

Fairy Chic Chalk Paint is an exciting brand of paint, that has always promised to bring with it lots of fun and creativity. Our ethos is all about enjoyment and being a little out of the box!

We love recycling, painting and crafting and being environmentally friendly, which we know your customers will love too!

As an experienced team of painters, artists, furniture up-cyclers and crafts people, we offer ongoing support, advice and inspiration as well as promotion to each and every one of you, as part of our passion and ethos of collaboration and support.

We work in ways none of the other Chalk Paint suppliers work, and do not follow the well known model of us, the supplier and you, the stockist.

We chose to create an exciting new way of working, because we were finding the well known supplier/stockist model was becoming overcrowded and at times causing many bad feelings between brand stockists and a lot of cut-throat marketing techniques creating unhappy people, in a world that should be full of fun, collaboration, inspiration and sharing.

So we created a brand new way for everyone to participate, build a business, grow their confidence and to allow everyone to partner with us in the ways that feel best for them.

Instead of being a “stockist” we invite you to become a partner and retailer of our Fairy Chic products and paints as a Magical Palace member of our exclusive Fairy Chic Club.

The Fairy chic club-based model, takes us beautifully away from the competitive saturated world of chalk paint brands and into a place where you have a community to support you, celebrate each other and help each other grow our businesses without the stress or worry of huge outlays and a continued need to keep ordering paint and products.

Fairy Chic is committed to helping everyone to feel safe to develop and grow your businesses and or passions and creativity in a fun and exciting way that is unique to the marketplace and full of desirable discounts on fantastic paint and mediums as well as courses/ tutorials and craft kits.

The exclusive Fairy Chic members only club, offers 3 levels, to suit all needs

Bluebell Woods

  • Free membership to our private Facebook group
  • Free live events and tutorials offered in the group
  • 10% discount on all Fairy Chic paints & mediums
  • 10% discount on all publicly offered online courses
  • Bluebell Woods membership is ideal for the hobby crafter and furniture painters, who want to meet like minded creative people, share, learn techniques and creative projects


  • Free membership of our private art class Facebook group
  • Free membership of Our Private members Club Facebook Group
  • 25% discount on all Fairy Chic paints & mediums
  • 25% discount on all publicly offered online courses
  • As a Fairyland member you are free to sell our paint and products if you wish, as long as you do not advertise anywhere on or offline for less than the Fairy Chic RRP
Magical Palace
  • Free membership of the private Facebook group
  • Free membership to the private Palace/retailers group
  • Free live events and tutorials offered in the group
  • All access replays of all group live events
  • All access business/marketing tutorials & replays
  • 40% discount on all Fairy Chic paints and mediums
  • 40% discount on all publicly offered online course
  • Membership of the Magical Palace, is most suitable for you if you are wanting to sell paints and mediums regularly, as the profit margin is obviously the best. It is also suitable if you are an ongoing furniture painter or workshop creator who is regularly going to want to buy paint for yourself, as you will benefit from the huge discounts offered.
  • There are no start up package costs with Fairy Chic – just come along and join us as a magical palace member.  On joining, you will also be given a one time offer of our exclusive welcome art package and/or furniture paint package at a massive 50% discount.
  • you will also have the opportunity, if you would like to, to learn how to create your own online tutorials and courses, both live stream, which you can offer for sale to both the public and other club members (club members will need to receive their respective discounts)
  • Alongside this you can also create your own craft kits for sale that people can purchase to join in on the tutorial experience.
  • You are able to sell Fairy Chic paint and products anywhere you wish, for whatever price you like,  as long as it is not advertised anywhere on or offline at less then our RRP. This gives everyone a fair playing field.
  • There is no obligation to buy paint or kits at all – you can buy as little or as much, as often as you want.
  • There are also no stockists protected areas with Fairy Chic – simply because we  truly believe this way of thinking is outdated, causes territorial behaviour and nastiness between people actually selling the same product, when we should all be supporting each other and working together.
  • All of our businesses are utterly unique – some online, some physical workshop based, some concession based, some shop based etc. If you believe in the product as much as we do and are proactive with your business, your business will thrive and you have nothing to fear from others.
  • There are very few rules for our Magical Palace club members who run their own business, because we believe that is important. It is hard enough to be self-employed!
  • We want to help you succeed, your way! We want YOU to run YOUR business to YOUR strengths!
  • The only rule we really have, is that you cannot offer Fairy Chic paints and products publicly, on or offline, for less than the RRP
  • Don’t forget, to be able to offer our paints & products for sale – you do not have to make any initial investment of hundreds of pounds and you do not need to buy a minimum quantity of paint or products now or in the future (unless you want to!)
  • You can sell from home, concession, shop and everywhere online too..
  • We look forward to welcoming you as part of our magic and fun filled community xxx
  • Blue Bell Woods 

    Free Facebook club group access

    10% discount on all Fairy Chic Paint and mediums

    10% discount on all Art/craft kits

    Join a community of like minded creators

    Benefit from group lives and guest lives every month

    Fairy Land

    Free Facebook club group access

    25% Discount on Fairy Chic Paints and products 

    Access to all benefits of Bluebell Woods

    Access to Intuitive Art class every week

    Zoom live painting sessions to share your work and process

    Magical Palace

    Free Facebook club group access

    40% discount on all Fairy Chic Paint and Mediums

    Access to all benefits of Bluebell Woods and FairyLand

    Access to Intuitive art class every week

    40% discount on all publicly available Fairy Chic Courses

    Special Offer


    Annual Membership

     Benefits of all levels

  • Please feel free to click the book above to download the Fairy Chic Club Brochure
    colour charts and price lists.
  • If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via our facebook page or
    via email and we will come back to you as soon as we can.
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