Mindful Painting

“Fantasy is about using your imagination and once you get all the cliches out of the way, all the unicorns and stuff,…then it gets interesting, like delving into your subconsciousness or something. I think you have to put yourself into a bubble where you can play all of the time and keep real life a little bit at bay. Keep our council tax bills etc at bay and create a fantasy bay, then when you are in there, it triggers something in your brain and then you feel free to be able to play and that’s where all the good stuff comes out I think”  Noel Fielding

So what's it all about?

In Fairyland art club, each week we work on out art work together. We honour our creative space, take time for ourselves and fill our senses with creativity. I encourage you to think about your creative space and the energy it brings. The ritual of communicating to the world our intention to enter our creative space is instrumental and powerful. Each session will begin with a short tuition and move onto a demonstration of my work in progress which i encourage you to paint along with me. Once a month we have a zoom meeting where we take it in turns to share our work and discuss our journey’s.

It makes perfect sense to me with a background of over 20 years mental health nursing to see art as a healing power, a means of communication, escapism and letting go. It is my belief that this club and experience will bring with it healing and peace to those open to its process.

Every member will have access to all replays  and tutorials as well as be able to purchase all Fairy chic paints and extras at 25% discount. Membership to this level/ club is £12 a month.

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